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Tips for Sure Approval of PPI Claims

PPI is acronym used for payment protection insurance. This insurance plan is designed to provide payment security to those who have chances of money shortage during repayment period. You may face financial shortage due to unemployment, illness or any such reasons. If you want to avoid problems of missing payments even during sort of money period then you should have PPI. However, it has been noticed that PPI plans that were sold in last ten years comes under the category of mis sold PPI. If you find that you have also mis sold PPI then it is your right to get back compensation for such deals.

You can make PPI claims to receive compensation for your losses but it is quite important to follow right procedure for success of claim. If you will not follow to right procedure for PPI claim then it may take longer period to get approval and in some other cases it may also get rejected.

Payment protection insurance claims generally get approval in 12 months. Before filing a claim, you should be sure that your claim is for right purpose. You should be sure that you have mis sold PPI. Verify that whether your PPI covers repayments in adverse situations or not. If it is really not sufficient to cover payments even during illness or unemployment then surely you should file claim for it.

PPI claims generally get rejected when you will not present proper documents to proof that respective PPI is mis sold. Before filing PPI claims, you must have proper documents and grounds to proof that the PPI is mis sold. You should send your PPI claim letter to your bank with proper explanation of factors why your PPI is mis sold. Still, if your bank rejects your claim letter or avoids making any response on it then you should contact to FOS. Before sending PPI claim letter to FOS, make sure that it is already passed more than 8 weeks of sending claim letter to the bank. You should also verify that your PPI is not older than six years.

These are some important things that anyone must follow while filing PPI claim. Your PPI claim will get full success if you follow these steps. If you are finding yourself difficult to follow the entire process then you may also take help of professionals. While selecting any such company, always select no win no fee service. If you have Mis Sold PPI then get compensation for your losses with full surety.

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How Claim PPI-Sure Tips

Payment Protection Insurance or PPI is an insurance plan designed to offer payment security to those who face problems during repayment period. You may face problems during repayment period due to unemployment or illness. To avoid the problems of repayment it is important that you have a PPI. Technically, PPI plans that were sold in the last ten years are categorized intomis-sold PPI. If you have a mis-sold PPI, you are entitled to get a compensation. To get your compensations it is important to make PPI claims the right way. If you do not follow the right way, getting approval of your claim can be difficult or even delayed.

How To Make PPI Claims The Right Way
The only way to ensure that you get your PPI claims on the right time is to make sure that you claim it the right way. PPI Claims normally take twelve months to get approval. Before filing a claim be sure that you are making the claim for the right purpose. Make sure that you have a mis-sold PPI. Before getting into the how to part of PPI claiming, verify if your PPI is designed to cover payments in adverse circumstances. And if your PPI is not enough to cover your payment during illness or unemployment, go ahead and file your PPI claims.

Present Popper Document
Present proper documents is the first answer to the question ‘How to make PPI claim?’. In most cases the claims get rejected when a person fails to present proper documents to prove that the PPI in question is mis-sold. Hence, before making your claims, be sure to produce the right and proper documents that help to validate your claim.

Send A Letter To The Bank
Start your PPI claim procedure by writing a letter to the bank. Write a letter with a proper explanation that include why the PPI is mis-sold. If the bank rejects your claim, it is recommended to get in touch with FOS. Send a letter FOS, after 8 weeks of contacting the bank. It is better to ensure that your PPI is 6 years old before making the claim.

These are a few important points anyone should consider when planning to make a PPI claim. If you are finding it difficult to manage all these procedures by yourself, it is better to seek help from an expert. A professional company will do all the documentation for you. When you choose a company always choose the one with no win no fee service.

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