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mis sold ppi Loan Help

PPI is an add on to a loan to help the customers with the repayment of their loans in case they are unable to repay it due to some illness, accident, loss of job or death. It is a good supporting product to the loan if the customer has been informed in advance and is allowed to make a decision based on facts not on omission or coercion.
Most of the customers who took out a loan or credit card ten years ago were offered or sold a PPI policy at the time you took out a loan, mortgage, credit insurance, unemployment cover, mortgage payment protection plan, credit card or other credit. It might have been under the name of loan protection, personal loan protection or loan repayment insurance. The policy is thought to be mis-sold when the customer was not made fully aware of any major limitations or exclusions, did not understand the true cost or was made to think that the policy was mandatory when it was not so or were effectively pressured into taking the policy. Most of the time customers were not even informed that they had this insurance attached to their loans. Many policies turned out to be completely worthless when the need arose and not provided the expected cover. Furthermore many people have been sold a policy without being made aware of the cost or terms made clear fully or partially, thus they end up spending a lot of money on insurance they will never need or will never be able to claim on. Any loan contract containing words like “loan protection”, “payment protection” or “loan care” or anything similar, will more than likely be a mis-sold policy. Most of the banks and lenders that mis sold PPI are seeing better profits now than ever before while the customers paid off their debts with their tax payments and now they are able to borrow money at the lowest rates ever, just 0.5%. Then they charge their customers an average loan rate of 8%, credit card rates around 18% and mortgage rates circa 6%, making them staggering profits and leaving theirpoor customers with mounting debts.
The Financial Services Authority (FSA) found that almost 80% PPI policies were mis-sold. Thanks to the high court ruling which has made the banks and other lenders to look into all the policies they have sold and refund the customers with interest. TheFSA also found that despite the repeated warnings many lenders are still not treating their customers fairly.
It is true that you can apply for a PPI claim without the assistance of a solicitor or a PPI Claim Firm, it is easier to take help of a PPI assistance team or request a PPI specialist. We’ve already got money back for all of a lot of victims of mis-sold PPI and if you’ve got a case, we’ll do the same; strictly on a NO WIN NO FEE basis. There might be a time limit applicable to your case so do not delay. Contact us today.

if you are unable to meet the payments through redundancy or being unable to work due to illness or accident. It is available with mortgages, mis sold ppi plans to manage timely payments in low financial situations

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Mis Sold PPI Costs Consumers Thousands Every Year

Payment protection insurance can be a very useful financial product. It is designed to cover you for repayments to loans, plastic cards and other credit products should you be unable to pay due to ill health or redundancy. However lenders have been misusing PPI insurance for a number of years now and this has left consumers out of pocket by thousands of pounds.

There are many ways that lenders mis sell PPI to their clients. One of the biggest ways is the “single premium” policy. This is where the cost of the policy is added to the loan then sold as “fully protected”. The customer then takes out a loan not knowing they are making interest repayments on the PPI policy as well as the loan.

This can add a significant amount to the money owed, which many people will struggle to pay back. Some lenders have even gone as far as to tell customers they cannot take out a credit product unless they have the PPI cover as well. This is actually against financial regulations as PPI is classed as an optional insurance and no one ‘has’ to have it.

If you have a job or are retired and not suffering any long term illness, PPI may not be of any use to you. Should any of these situations arise, there are usually so many exclusion clauses (self employed, bad backs to name a few) that only 18% of policies ever pay out.

The terms of this cover do not provide for pre-existing illnesses in most cases. This makes the policy worthless to people with pre-existing conditions as when they try to claim they will be refused. This systematic mis selling of PPI is one of the biggest scams in the banking industry and has destroyed a lot of the faith many people had in the whole financial system.

Now the extent of mis sold PPIs has come to light lenders are under serious pressure to refund customers their money. If you were told you had to have PPI or were mis sold the policy for a number of other reasons then you could claim back your money. If you don’t know where to start then you could take advantage of one of the specialist PPI claim handling companies. They have a lot of experience dealing with lenders and filing complaints with the relevant authorities. This can be a very useful service especially if you are a very busy person or your case if very complicated.

If you have been mis sold PPI on your loan or credit card, you can make handle it yourself or fine a ppi claims specialist like Gladstone Brookes to handle your mis sold PPI claim.

Have You Been Mis Sold PPI Cover?

Financial regulation authorities in the UK have in recent times identified numerous breaches of the regulations concerning the selling of Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) policies with loans and other finance agreements. Certain banks and building societies have been found to have mis sold PPI policies to their customers.

More than one million borrowers in the UK may have taken inappropriate and unnecessary Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) when they entered into loan agreements. Sometimes people were sold insurance which was not appropriate to their circumstances such as insurance against loss of income being sold to someone who was not in employment. Sometimes people were not advised that they would be charged up-front for the insurance, and would therefore end up paying extra interest. This article explains how to identify if you have been a victim of a mis-sold PPI policy.

If you have been a victim of PPI mis-selling then you may be eligible for compensation. You can claim for compensation yourself or contact one of the many companies which specialize in making compensation claims on behalf of their clients.

You can check if you have a valid claim by reviewing the following questions. If the answer to any question is “no” then you may have a valid claim.

In cases where the PPI insurance was optional was this explained to you? Some PPI sellers have told borrowers that PPI insurance was compulsory, in effect saying that you wouldn’t get the loan unless you took out the insurance.

If the policy excluded pre-existing medical conditions then were you advised of that fact?

If the premium (payment) for the insurance was taken as a single up-front fee, then was that properly explained to you?

If you did make a single up-front PPI payment then were you advised that this would be added to the principal of the loan, and you would have to pay interest on it?

If you took out a loan or finance agreement for longer than five years were you advised that your single premium PPI insurance would expire after five years? In effect you would be left without protection for the rest of the life time of the loan, but you would still be paying interest on your PPI premium after the insurance had expired.

PPI claims specialists advertise widely in newspapers, and they list a number of major banks and building societies which have been shown to have broken the regulations with regards to PPI mis-selling. You may have a valid claim if you have been a victim of PPI mis-selling and you claim will remain valid for several years even after you have finished paying off your loan.

You can pursue a claim on your own, or you can employ a PPI claims specialist on your behalf. Specialist companies advertise widely on TV, in newspapers and can also be found using the internet. If you act as an individual then you can find out how to make your claim by following the advice in financial websites and print magazines. If however you choose to use a PPI specialist company then their customer advisers will help fill in the relevant claims documentation for you.

Learn more about PPI Claims. Visit where you can find out all about how to make PPI compensation claims and start to get your cash back.

“Jason” wants me to claim for Payment Protection Insurance mis-selling. But as I am a retired East End villain, I think he wants to talk about Protection Money. I string him along for 10 minutes and he teaches me a lesson about the Righteous Path.

Caller’s company name:
First Call Contact Centre. I can’t find a web-site for this company and it isn’t listed at Companies House. Surely it isn’t a division of MadeUpName plc?

Caller’s name:
Jason Matthews

Scammer’s phone number:
Forgot to check.

Aim of call:
This caller is collecting information that he can sell to a Claims Management company. He is indirectly making money out of the people he makes unsolicited calls to.

How it works:

There is no doubt that many people did not notice, were not informed, or did not understand that they were paying their financial institution for PPI on top of their loan, mortgage or credit card. Those people can reclaim the money they paid for their PPI, plus interest.

The Claims Management company pursues a claim on the behalf of the “victim”, charging a substantial percentage of the repayment that they receive.

But making a claim for PPI mis-selling is easy — if you are a victim of mis-selling, you can make a claim yourself. There’s no need to involve a Claims Management company, and no need to pay them a penny. The Claims Management company will not do anything more than you would.

All the step-by-step information you need to make a free claim can be found here:
[I am not affiliated with this site, I’m just putting this link here in case anyone finds this YouTube page when they are searching for PPI information]

Information held by the company:
Initials and surname, phone number, street address and town.

Friendly, with overuse of the victim’s name. Jason uses the salesman’s tactic of letting the victim think they have “won” early on in the call (by pointing out the victim is joking around), and then carrying on with his sales pitch. He’s never going to be successful in this call though!
Video Rating: / 5


claim your mis sold ppi loan

Today it is hard to find a person who has not applied for any kind of loan. The facility of a loan has made it easy to buy anything. People mostly go to the bank for aloan because it’s the obvious first stop. Here banks and loan providing agencies are silently cultivating more money from the borrower in one way or another way and the mis sold ppi is just one of those tactics. The idea of ppi is to help the borrower during the time of financial crisis, for example when they are ill and cant work or unemployed. Regretably ppipolicies were mis-sold to people who were not eligible for ppi, such as self employed and retired people who now feel very agrieved that they were misled and paid, or continue to pay, a considerable amount of money for cover they could never have claimed.Such people, are now appointing claim experts to claim back the money on their behalf, plus interest.
Extensive research of loan documents is necessary to understand various aspects of the ppi so it can be established that the ppi was indeed mis-sold. In above mentioned scenario, it is important to verify the cover before proceeding ahead with the process. Therefore, one should spend some time locating a suitable claims company to bring some momentum to the ppi claim using the correct procedures. It is crucial to write a letter to the lender for obtaining refund of the policy payments. Claimants must answer different sets of questions and furnish documents in support of their cases.
To add weight to a claim, one could send letter to the ombudsman if the banks do not agree to refund the amount. It may be a regulatory body involvement that effects the decision on eventual payment. MIS sold PPI claim can be retrieved by contacting the financial ombudsman service to lodge the complaint. The payment protection insurance is not provided separately but is bundled along with different loan schemes to the users. Many companies have mis-sold the insurance to thousands of clients who are devoid of any cover. Bank and other lenders employees provided ppi packages to customers using underhand sales tactics which has lead ulitimately toa multitude of poor user experiences. with ppi taken out over the past 10 yearsare the popular suspects and are generally the claims that go through without any hiccups. This includes loans that are fully paid up or loans that are still running taken out between Dec 2001 and 2008.

Mis-Sold PPI is provding to impersonate a disclosure beyond disposition station millions of UK consumers have been cheated exterior of of pounds by banks again different lending institutes.

Know what to look for when you opt for an attorney for your mis sold Ppi claim

You thought that your insurance cover would help you in adverse situations; however you were shocked to see that you have been paying much more than what your premium should have been! Does the case sound familiar? Do you also believe that you had insufficient information, or were forced to buy the payment protection insurance? If that’s the case, then you might have a claim.

In the past few years, there has been an increase in the number of victims, who have been the victim of mis sold Ppi. However, they have taken the legal recourse and got their rightful. You could also do that. The first step for the legal step would be to gather all your documents and credentials and all the paperwork related to the borrowings or the loan. The next step is, hire an expert lawyer. Undeniably, the legal process is very intricate; thus, it is important that you hire a skilled and proficient attorney, who will help you get what you rightfully deserve. There are some important qualities that you should look in the attorney and then make the final call.

Sincerity and frankness is a must: When you opt for a lawyer, it is important that he is sincere and honest. The best attorneys will always give you a frank and fair advice about your claim and how much can you claim for. They will go through your case and let you know if aver is valid or not. Also, they are candid and willing to provide you with valid information on how to claim PPI. The licensed attorneys will also let you know what the standing of your case is.

They should be consistent and dependable: It is important that the solicitor is reliable and handles the claim with all competencies. After all, they help you overcome the economic loss that you endured. The finest way to look for a dependable lawyer is by asking your friends or relatives or by going online. To know more about their dependability is by seeking their consultancy services through the websites, which is expedient and extremely reliable.

They must have ample experience: It is vital that you seek services of lawyer, who is extremely experienced and understands all the legalities. You should have heard about the lawyer and he should have been in action for a substantial amount of time. This will make certain that they are conscious of the diverse ways on how to claim PPI. The attorney should also be aware about the changing laws and rules, so as to ensure that your legal rights are protected.

Reputation is a must: When you hire a lawyer for mis sold Ppi claim, it is important that he is reputed. That will ensure that he is licensed and registered by the government agencies. This will also make certain that they obey the rules of the industry’s values as far as the information about PPI claims is concerned. Going by their reputation, it is also vital that the attorneys do not charge excessive prices for information provided on how to claim PPI.

When you look for all these qualities and then make a decision, the chances are less that you would not get what you legally and rightfully deserve.

Kirti Saxena is a web enthusiast and a writer. Kirti has afforded her articles and write-ups autonomously and through various online forums.

Get more information on Mis sold Ppi

What to do ?
1.Down load the FOS Questionnaire and fill it properly.
Click this link to download FOS questionnaire

2.Write a cover letter to the Financial company/Bank with your grounds that why you think the PPI was mis-sold to you and therefore you are requesting the money back.
To see and get an idea under what grounds you can make a claim see below my form,then you can get an idea.
Download a sample letter.Click below linkfor Sample letter

3.Attach photocopies of all loan agrreements,laon statements etc. if you have.

4.The most important thing is you must order your bank to pay and you must tell them how much you need them to refund to you.For this you need to do some calculations and this will be depend on the initial loan value,PPI value,the interest rate you borrowed,how much you have paid sofar,the value of the installment.etc.But if you put that figure your case will be strong and bank may not just pay you something but will try to pay everything they owe you.

I know the calculation is the tricky part as we all cannot get this right.Well I know several people cannot do this by their own

I am happy to fill the Questionnaire and to write your sample letter for you.I can Either email or Post it for you with all the instructions what to do
If you wish please fill the below form accurately or to read more goto link below


Mis Sold PPI ? Just What It Is And What Can Everyone Undertake If You Have Been Mis Sold PPI?

Payment Protection Insurance, otherwise known as PPI, continues to be a very marked by controversy subject for several years now. The mis selling of PPI by various finance institutions, as well as most of the leading banks and building societies in the UK, has led to the most significant financial trading scams for a long time. You may have listened to on the news or browsed in the papers over the latest High Court Judicial Review with regards to mis sold PPI, wherein the banks were trying to get away from using the policies stipulated by the Financial Services Authority (‘the FSA’) which in fact had ordered the accountable financial institutions to pro-actively review their customer data and call all customers who may have actually been mis sold PPI, even if that buyer hadn’t as yet enlisted a PPI claim.

They certainly lost the challenge and the fact that they took the gall to form such a struggle has placed an additional dark cloud over the reliability of the UK financial services sector. They merely want to draw out their obligation to alter the harm they’ve obviously attributable to the mis sale of PPI over many years and to an incredible number of customers. The particular bill that the banks are sure to have to deal with is anticipated to total many billions of pounds. Hence, what specifically is PPI and how is mis sold PPI identified? And more to the point, how do you render mis sold PPI claims if you believe you believe this has happened to you?

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) was purportedly made to protect people who had obtained loans (or any form of credit) and were unable to continue to make the payments because of accident, injury, ailment or involuntary lack of employment. Over the face of it, PPI seems like an extremely sensible insurance to be offered to credit clients. Nevertheless it might be scandalously mis sold by nearly all significant lending institutions for years contributing to this remarkable scandal which the banks now have to deal with to pay back the damage generated to their many naive victims.

There are several ways that PPI was considered to have been mis sold. A lot of lenders brought the notion that it was obligatory, a portion of the loan, and really didn’t provide the client the opportunity to decide whether they wanted it or not. In some cases, a PPI policy might have been distributed which does not cover the total term of the loan, making it really ineffective to the consumer. Other customers might have plainly had PPI added to their loan without even understanding it, hence they did not even understand at the time of taking out the particular loan that PPI was loaded after all.

Plenty of men and women have been affected by this awful financial selling scandal, but if you suspect you or anybody close to you could have been affected and been a victim of this mis selling at any time then you should act now to help you receive the compensation you are entitled to. When you have applied for a loan or credit of any sort during the last 10 years it really is worth verifying through your documents. You cannot be aware that you had PPI – and if you did not then you definitely hold the basis of a claim simply for that reason.

There are various alternatives you’ve if you feel you could have the basis of a legitimate PPI claim. Nevertheless, the most important thing you have to do is ‘take action’, and do it quickly. There may simply be a specific window of time available to render PPI claims, and you’ll be anticipated to set your claim forward during this time window.

You could attempt and take care of the claim by yourself and in that respect there are generally established letters and suggestions you can find online to accomplish just this. But, after everything they have done, can you really trust the banks (or ‘lender’) to tell you the actual basic facts? Whenever they come back to you and deny that you’ve got a valid claim, do you trust that this is 100% true? What if they admit they did mis sell PPI and make you an offer of compensation? How can you tell the offer is definitely the highest sum you gain the right to claim? What happens if the case is introduced to the financial Ombudsman, does one realize how to cope with the situation in such cases?

The end result is that although you could process your own personal PPI claim, you take a risk. The sensible choice is putting the issue to experts. There are several skilled PPI Claims companies functioning all over the UK who specialise in working with banks (and other ‘lenders’) and taking PPI claims on a daily basis. They know whenever a claim is valid and in addition they discover how to force the banks into paying the optimum amount of PPI claim compensation due to you. They can manage the entire task for your needs, keeping you informed, and several of them will not cost you a cent unless they successfully obtain a compensation payment for you. They work on a no win, no fee basis.

Thus dig out your paperwork, and be sure you examine whether you have been mis sold PPI so you can receive a cut of the compensation that is attributed to you in the course of this window of opportunity to claim.

Go Claim PPI have a 100% success rate at helping people to gain compensation for valid PPI Claims in the UK.

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