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Instructions on How to Claim Missold Credit Card Insurance

It is always essential to find out how to claim missold credit card insurance. This will ensure that your rights are not infringed by financial institutions. There has been an increase of missale of insurance by these financial institutions in the recent past. This has the potential of leading to payments of insurance premiums without your consent. Therefore, you should learn how to claim PPI in Belfast in order to ensure that you are not a victim. It is always good to know your rights so that they are not abused. Here are instructions on how to claim missold credit card insurance.

Research about PPI

It is always prudent to conduct research about the missold credit card if you feel aggrieved. There are many sources of information regarding claim payment protection Belfast. These may include various financial journals, magazines, blogs, and websites. It is vital to be acquainted with the various rules and regulations that govern the industry. This will ensure that you are aware of your rights and obligations when you feel that you were wrongly sold PPI. You will also learn credible information about how to claim PPI in Belfast.

Get a credible solicitor

A solicitor is extremely essential whenever you want to learn how to claim missold credit card insurance. They have adequate skills and expertise in different financial matters. They are also fully aware of the financial management rules and regulations. Therefore, they offer credible information on payment protection insurance Belfast. This information will help you to establish whether your claim for compensation will be fruitful. They are honest and frank and will instruct you on the best way forward. They are also experienced and fully aware of the best approach on how to claim PPI in Belfast.

Establish how much you are owed

Solicitors will help you to calculate the amount of insurance you were fraudulently made to pay. They have a calculation tool that will assist you whenever you need to know how to claim missold credit card insurance. The solicitors will seek to find out the circumstances under which you fell victim to the missold credit. They will ask you if you were pressured into taking the insurance. They will also ask if you were self-employed or unemployed at the time you were getting the credit card or loan. This information will help the solicitor to establish the best way on how to claim PPI in Belfast.

Organize the necessary documents

You will then need to get all the necessary documentation about the financial transactions. The documents are essential proof for the missale of PPI Belfast. They will assist the solicitors when making the claim to the financial institution. If you do not have them, the solicitor will make an effort to find them for you. They can get copies of the documents from various offices. This is because of their experience in making the claims for other clients. The solicitors will also tell you about any other requirements. They will then file PPI claims Belfast to the financial institution on your behalf.

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Advice on Making a Mis-sold Ppi Claim

What is mis-sold PPI?

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is a form of insurance sometimes called Accident Sickness and Unemployment (ASU) cover. It protects the repayment of a debt in the case of a borrower being unable to make payments for reasons out of their control. It was mis-sold by many loan companies and high street banks for a decade, with products such as mortgages, loans, credit cards and overdrafts being covered with unethical, and now illegal, PPI policies.

PPI was mis-sold by lenders to millions of people in the UK. PPI is classed as mis-sold if: it was added to a loan product without the policyholder’s knowledge; the policyholder was misled into believing that PPI was not optional; the policyholder was told that a loan or credit card was ‘protected’ without the full conditions or cost of the PPI being explained; or if the policyholder was led to believe that PPI would help with the approval of a loan. Some online lenders mis-sold PPI when they presented pre-ticked boxes for PPI, meaning that a borrower had to choose to opt out.

The mis-selling of PPI happened on a huge scale, with around a quarter of all PPI policies estimated as being mis-sold. This went on for a decade until April 2011. The courts then ruled that selling PPI in the ways mentioned was wrong and ordered banks and lenders to return a total of around £4bn of PPI to 2.5 million people in the UK. This money is only going to be returned to consumers who make a valid PPI refund claim.

Finding out if you have been mis-sold PPI

Now you understand the definition of mis-sold PPI, you may realise that you are one of the victims. Look through your loan agreement and find out if you have been paying money for ‘payment cover’, ‘ASU’, ‘payment protection’, ‘loan protection’ or a similar term. If you feel that these policies were sold to you under the false pretences mentioned above you are due a refund, even if the loan which your PPI was covering has been paid back.

You may find that your PPI was paid as an additional charge with each loan repayment, or as a one-off payment at the start of your contract.

If you are unsure who your lender was obtain a credit report, which will list all of your financial products. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a copy of your paperwork for your loan either; once you know who your lender is, you have a legal right to obtain a copy of your original agreement from them for £1.

The rules of mis-sold PPI claims state that you can usually only claim if your account was active within the last six years. So as long as you were still paying back a loan and its mis-sold PPI six years ago, even if the loan was taken out ten years ago, you are due a claim.

How much can I claim?

Mis-sold PPI claims companies tell people whether they are entitled to make a claim and guide them through the repayment process. You will not be able to reclaim your full loan, but the mis-sold PPI on that loan will likely still be a sizeable sum which you can reclaim.

The figure which you are entitled to claim depends on the size of the loan, the cost of repayments and other factors. Someone who took out a loan of £3,600 for three years could be entitled to over £500. For bigger loans and mortgages this sum could be in the thousands.

Contact ABC‘s expert Claims Management team to find out if you have been mis-sold PPI. They will give you a free no-obligation assessment and guide you to a successful mis-sold PPI repayment on a no-win-no-free basis.

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Mis-sold PPI: Claim Your Compensation

To deal with the mis-sold PPI policies banks in the UK have paid out more than £9 billion as compensation to customers who requested a repayment of their money.

Here is all you need to know about how to claim a PPI refund. It is always recommended that you make the claim yourself rather than go to a PPI claim agent, because it if free.

I have a PPI, do I qualify for a refund?

Although a large number of PPI policies were mis-sold, not all of them were. It is recommended that you check the policy sold to you and see if it was what you needed at the time of purchase.

There were a lot of major ways in which policies had been mis-sold. If any of the following questions are a ‘no’ for you then you might have been mis-sold:
(1) If the policy was optional while you took the loan, credit card or other such cases, were you informed of it?
(2) There are certain things that the policy doesn’t cover. Did you insurance adviser inform you of such important exclusions like there won’t be any coverage for pre-existing medical conditions.

I have already sent in my claim. What is the process now?
If you have made a written complaint to the party who sold you the PPI, they are bound to respond within 5 days of receipt of the complaint and 2 months to resolve the matter and bring it to its conclusion. If they fail to do so, you have an option to take your case to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) within six months.

My PPI is way past its expiry. Can I still claim for compensation?

Yes, you can. If you are sure that it is a case of mis-selling.

I got a successful claim on my PPI. Can I still claim?

Yes, you may. Even though you might have made a successful claim, you may have been a victim of mis-selling when you got the policy.

I made my original complaint to the Ombudsman and not to the insurance seller. Will the court’s judgment be affected by this?

Although the outcome of your case will not be affected, it might take a longer time to get resolved since the ombudsman is usually swamped with PPI complaints. But if you are in a severe financial strain, you may request the FOS to take a look at your complaint on an urgent basis.

You can find out more about -

You can find out more about – PPI Refund, Mis Sold PPI

How to claim your PPI refund from Ask Solicitors

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PPI claims for mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance

PPI or Payment Protection Insurance is considered to be one of the best policies. When any unexpected incident happens to the borrowers then PPI protects them. Incident may be of any type like illness, disabilities, accident or unemployment. In any of this case, Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) provides a good financial back-up to the policyholders and through this they can continue to pay their dues on time without any much problem. Another very important thing about PPI is that policyholders can go for PPI reclaim without much problems. If the borrowers pay their dues properly then they easily get their PPI Claims. So it is very important for policyholders to understand that their hard-earned money is in safe hands.
Switch to PPI Claims
It is very necessary for every person to keep each and every document relating to PPI with himself. He should be well informed about having PPI. Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is an extremely important insurance for the policyholders. It is an insurance claim for the policyholders which is sold by the lenders to them with finance agreement to secure the payments of those borrowers who are not able to repay their dues because of their illness or any other reason. It is also necessary for the borrowers to understand that making PPI claims is not only claiming their PPI amount but also all interest charges added to it. So if you want to go for PPI reclaim, you should know well about your documents of PPI. If your policy was mis-sold then you should know the reasons behind it. And then you can easily switch to PPI claim experts. For all this you can take a legal help from Financial Ombudsman or PPI Reclaim Specialist.
Using PPI Claims Calculator to know PPI Reclaim
Whenever any Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) mis-sold, it can be reclaimed by the borrowers. Borrower has to write to the bank of lending company for a refund of Payment Protection Insurance and the bank or financial institution assure the amount with the help of PPI claims calculator. After this, borrowers should stand by his point of PPI Claims. There are many experts who also can help you to go for PPI reclaim. As they better know the legalities for PPI reclaim. They set to make out the borrowers and assist them out to get their PPI claims. They set aside a fund for compensating the borrowers in refunding their PPI claims. They make a provision against PPI complaints in order to claim the amount of money they have given off.

You can find out more about PPI Claims, PPI Claim,

PPI Claims Halifax Bank – Payment protection insurance, or ‘PPI’, is not a bad product in principle. It’s designed to cover loan, finance or credit card payments in case you are made redundant or are too sick to work.

PPI could be acquired relatively cheaply when purchased as a stand-alone product. However, Halifax banks and other large financial organisations saw an opportunity to link PPI to loans and credit cards. Heavy selling techniques were adopted and premiums soared, along with profits.

Since the mid 1990s, mis-selling of PPI has been rife across the financial services sector. Most major lending institutions were guilty of ‘jumping on the PPI bandwagon’.

The most common mis-selling practices included failing to inform customers that the PPI was optional or leading them to believe that it was compulsory.

Other practices included failing to discuss:

• the price of the policy separately to the loan itself;
• the overall cost of the policy (instead of just the monthly premium);
• the ‘cooling-off period’; and
• in the case of single premium PPI, the lack of pro-rata refunds or the payment of interest.

Halifax bank and many other banks and lenders generally failed to explain the policy in a way that was understandable to the particular customer.

They also frequently failed to investigate whether the policy was suitable for the customer’s needs. Consequently, PPI was sold to customers for whom it was unsuitable. For example, self-employed or retired people, or those with a medical condition, who would be ineligible to claim
The FSA laid down guidelines for lenders to compensate customers who were mis-sold PPI. The Halifax and other banks withdrew their initial legal challenge to these measures, paving the way for thousands of PPI re-claims.

If you bank with Halifax or a lender that was guilty of any mis-selling practices, you may be entitled to a full refund.

For more information on PPI refunds, contact the Claims Connection managed by Winston Solicitors LLP on 0845 009 6899, or visit or website.

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Are You Confused About Missold PPI?

Recent revelations have shown that an increasing number of consumers have been confused about payment protection insurance (PPI) and mis-sold PPI. Although the topic has been widely discussed in advertisements for claims management companies and news reports, many of these fail to explain the basic facts about mis-sold PPI, resulting in a mass confusion and unsuccessful compensation claims.

What is PPI?

Payment protection insurance is a form of protection offered with lending products such as mortgages, loans, catalogue credit purchases, credit cards or store cards. It serves the purpose of protecting payments for one year in the case of accident, sickness or unemployment, generally paid either as a one-off fee or as a smaller payment with each repayment.

Not all PPI is mis-sold; for many it is a valuable form of insurance which can help protect their loan repayments in unfortunate circumstances. But the mis-selling of PPI was an unethical scandal which affected millions, resulting in lenders being ordered in 2011 to repay billions of pounds.

How was PPI missold?

The mis-selling of PPI mainly occurred over the past two decades, although some claims are made on PPI sold before the 1990s.

Payment protection insurance was mis-sold when:
It was added to a lending product without the consumers knowledge
The consumer was misled into believing PPI was not optional, or would help with the approval of a loan, credit card or mortgage
The terms and conditions of the PPI policy were not fully explained
The consumer was self-employed or unemployed when they were sold the PPI
The consumer was medically exempt from the policy at time of its sale

The mis-sold PPI scandal happened systematically in many high street banks and lenders. PPI repayments generally see customers receiving 15-30% of their total loan balance back; a payment often worth thousands of pounds for each claim.

There are many complex restrictions around making a mis-sold PPI claim. You can make a claim after the loan has been closed, providing your account has been active within the last six years. You can also make a claim on open accounts and accounts which are active or have been active within the last six years if your PPI completely has been paid off. There are also ways to claim back mis-sold PPI if you do not have the appropriate paperwork evidence, and even if your credit company has since been taken over.

How can I claim back missold PPI

As claiming back mis-sold PPI is a complex process you should allow an expert claims management company to handle your claim. They should advise you on whether or not you are entitled to compensation for free, before undergoing the complex claims process on your behalf for a no-win, no-fee basis.

ABC are a trustworthy claims management company who claim back around £1 million of mis-sold PPI every month. Speak to their PPI advisors to find out for free if you are entitled to make a claim.
Claim your mis-sold PPI with ABC

PPI Claim Call

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How would you Claim back your Mis-sold PPI

In the event that you are mis sold a Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), you can claim a refund along with interest on your PPI from the bank. Thousands of customers have been mis sold these policies along with a loan or a mortgage or a credit card purchase. However, a bulk of these customers didn’t even know that they owned such a policy, nor knew how to use it in case need be. Some statistics show that less than 7% of these PPIs were correctly sold. This means billions of pounds of profits for banks and insurance companies. Lloyd bank itself has paid out literally billions of pounds to settle claims for mis sold PPIs to date.
1. Claiming your PPI on your own
I. The first step is to find out whether you qualify for mis sold PPI claim. This can be done easily b checking the credit statements of the products (loan, mortgage or credit card) purchased from these banks. If you see a monthly premium being deducted, you are availing the benefits of a PPI

II. Next write a letter or make a call to the ‘PPI claims settlement’ department of the bank. This is the standard procedure dictated as per law. You can use templates available online for drafting a complaint to the bank, seeking refund for the mis sold PPI

III. Next, a written complaint is lodged against the bank and submitted to the financial Ombudsman.
2. Hire a PPI claims company
I. There are various PPI claims settlement companies in the market and you may take help from any of these. However, it is important that you do a little research about these companies and their prices before you put one on the job.

II. You can find these companies online by a quick Google search. Make a list of those that look authentic to you and enquire about their fee

III. These companies offer to examine whether you qualify for a claim, free of charge. So avail this service that they provide.

IV. A good idea is to seek advice from someone who has already used services of such a company, and find out about their experience

V. Also find out if there are any hidden costs and charges

VI. Enquire about various schemes that they provide, such as No Win, No Fee policy, etc.

These are the two ways in which you can claim back your mis sold PPI. Whereas hiring a company may be expensive, doing it on your own will need you to commit a lot of time to the process. So chose the method that suits you best.