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Mis-sold PPI: Claim Your Compensation

To deal with the mis-sold PPI policies banks in the UK have paid out more than £9 billion as compensation to customers who requested a repayment of their money.

Here is all you need to know about how to claim a PPI refund. It is always recommended that you make the claim yourself rather than go to a PPI claim agent, because it if free.

I have a PPI, do I qualify for a refund?

Although a large number of PPI policies were mis-sold, not all of them were. It is recommended that you check the policy sold to you and see if it was what you needed at the time of purchase.

There were a lot of major ways in which policies had been mis-sold. If any of the following questions are a ‘no’ for you then you might have been mis-sold:
(1) If the policy was optional while you took the loan, credit card or other such cases, were you informed of it?
(2) There are certain things that the policy doesn’t cover. Did you insurance adviser inform you of such important exclusions like there won’t be any coverage for pre-existing medical conditions.

I have already sent in my claim. What is the process now?
If you have made a written complaint to the party who sold you the PPI, they are bound to respond within 5 days of receipt of the complaint and 2 months to resolve the matter and bring it to its conclusion. If they fail to do so, you have an option to take your case to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) within six months.

My PPI is way past its expiry. Can I still claim for compensation?

Yes, you can. If you are sure that it is a case of mis-selling.

I got a successful claim on my PPI. Can I still claim?

Yes, you may. Even though you might have made a successful claim, you may have been a victim of mis-selling when you got the policy.

I made my original complaint to the Ombudsman and not to the insurance seller. Will the court’s judgment be affected by this?

Although the outcome of your case will not be affected, it might take a longer time to get resolved since the ombudsman is usually swamped with PPI complaints. But if you are in a severe financial strain, you may request the FOS to take a look at your complaint on an urgent basis.

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Lawyers PPI Claims Companies, Guaranteed 100 Per Cent Compensation For Client

A number of leading firms of UK solicitors now have departments specializing in Payment Protection Insurance Claims (PPI Claims). These firms aim to make the process of managing a PPI claim as stress free and as simple as possible. PPI claim specialists usually operate on the “no win, no fee” principle. Making a claim through one of these legal firms should ensure that the claimant receives 100% of their compensation. This in contrast to claims companies not using solicitors. Some PPI claims firms are not solicitors, and they recover their costs by taking a percentage cut of the awarded compensation.

In the UK there have been thousands, if not millions, of mis-sold PPI cases. Many people now have a valid claim for compensation against their bank or credit card company. People may be entitled to compensation, which can include interest, if they had PPI on a loan or credit card agreement, and they either did not ask for that insurance, or did not need it.

Compensation may be due for PPI mis-selling in cases of personal loans, hire purchase agreements, and credit card agreements. Most of the UK banks, building societies, and other institutions, including many high street names, have had to pay compensation with regards to mis-sold PPI.

Anyone who watches television will notice many advertisements for PPI claims companies. These companies also advertise widely in the national press. Although one can make a compensation claim without using a claims company, many people choose one of these companies, believing that it will be a simpler, and less stressful, experience. One advantage of going through one of these companies, is that they have wide experience of the different methods which were used in the PPI mis-selling, and they can therefore quite quickly assess whether the client’s claim is likely to be valid. They also have a lot of understanding of the claims process, and they help customers to fill in forms, and to complete other documentation.

Some of the PPI claims firms are firms of solicitors, and some are not. It is not necessary to choose a firm of solicitors to make a PPI claim, but there can be advantages because, in the UK, solicitors are allowed to operate on a “no win, no fee”, “100% compensation” basis.

Both the solicitor based companies, and the other companies, can operate on the no win, no fee scheme. The important difference however, between a company using solicitors, and one not using solicitors, is who will actually pay the fee if the case is won.

In the UK solicitors who win cases of this type are allowed to recover their fees from the loser. Therefore all of the compensation awarded goes direct to the client. Non-lawyer firms cannot recover their costs in this way, and they usually work by taking a percentage out of any compensation which is awarded. Usually they take between 25% and 50% of the compensation.

It is therefore advised that when choosing a company to make a PPI claim, one should find how they will cover the costs in the event that they win the case. Companies using lawyers, and companies not using lawyers, can both offer no win, no fee contracts, but only companies using lawyers will be able to claim their costs from the lender, guaranteeing 100 per cent compensation for the claimant.

Learn about the benefits and advantages of being protected with PPI claims today! When you receive the information you need to make a knowledgeable decision about Payment Protection Insurance, you will be able to identify Mis sold PPI quickly and easily!

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