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PPI Claim Companies to Your Rescue

Payment Protection Insurance which is otherwise popularly known as the PPI policy has for some time now gained substantial amount of criticism from the consumers and other non-profit social organizations like the Charity Citizen’s Advice have strived hard to bring to light the huge profits made by the banks and lending institutions with this rather expensive insurance policy. In the UK, there were hardly any other independent insurance companies dealing with this format of an insurance policy that protects the consumer against the cost of the loan at times of sudden unemployment, accident, sickness and other severe financial crisis. The banks and credit card companies took advantage of this situation and sold these policies along with the loan as a protective cover for the loan bearer in times of unseen circumstances at rates that were substantially high. Besides the interest rates on the loan overall would increase as a result of the PPI policy rates.


The PPI market counts up to a whooping amount of £5.35 billion that are sold to the customers per year. Most of these are sold as associated policy plans with personal loans, mortgage, credit cards and other unsecured loans. The policy in itself isn’t a bad idea and it may even be fruitful to some. However, the real problem here is there are many others who might not be liable to use the insurance cover due to some policy rules that are apparently not communicated well enough to customers. They are sold the policies with insufficient information being provided in the process. While some customers are made to think that the PPI policy when bought through the loan lending institution is hassle-free some others are made to think that it is a compulsory buy.


Ever since the policy’s real deal has been revealed, citizens of UK have tried their hand at PPI claims through these loan lending institutions. Amongst the many claimants that hope to find justice only about 14% of them get a refund on their PPI premiums and interest rates and that too an amount that is lower than what they deserve. Most of the PPI claims that reach the parties concerned directly are rejected on various terms. But do not be dejected since you have the most customer-friendly FOS (Financial Ombudsman Service) or other reliable PPI claim companies to aid you with the various complicated procedures of PPI claims.


People can carry out the claim on their own but with a professional back up they could expect to be guided on the right part from Day 1 thus reducing the amount of time and effort spent in acquiring justice with the PPI claims. Make sure that you are not charged heavy fees for the same also you must know that a reputable institution would carry out your PPI claim and only when they get the necessary results will they charge the fee. You must chose your PPI claim provider carefully but Claims Complete Ltd is as good a place as any to start

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If you feel that you have been mis sold ppithe you can begin your PPI Claim today Claims complete offer a no win no fee service which means you only pay once you have your compensation

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Lawyers PPI Claims Companies, Guaranteed 100 Per Cent Compensation For Client

A number of leading firms of UK solicitors now have departments specializing in Payment Protection Insurance Claims (PPI Claims). These firms aim to make the process of managing a PPI claim as stress free and as simple as possible. PPI claim specialists usually operate on the “no win, no fee” principle. Making a claim through one of these legal firms should ensure that the claimant receives 100% of their compensation. This in contrast to claims companies not using solicitors. Some PPI claims firms are not solicitors, and they recover their costs by taking a percentage cut of the awarded compensation.

In the UK there have been thousands, if not millions, of mis-sold PPI cases. Many people now have a valid claim for compensation against their bank or credit card company. People may be entitled to compensation, which can include interest, if they had PPI on a loan or credit card agreement, and they either did not ask for that insurance, or did not need it.

Compensation may be due for PPI mis-selling in cases of personal loans, hire purchase agreements, and credit card agreements. Most of the UK banks, building societies, and other institutions, including many high street names, have had to pay compensation with regards to mis-sold PPI.

Anyone who watches television will notice many advertisements for PPI claims companies. These companies also advertise widely in the national press. Although one can make a compensation claim without using a claims company, many people choose one of these companies, believing that it will be a simpler, and less stressful, experience. One advantage of going through one of these companies, is that they have wide experience of the different methods which were used in the PPI mis-selling, and they can therefore quite quickly assess whether the client’s claim is likely to be valid. They also have a lot of understanding of the claims process, and they help customers to fill in forms, and to complete other documentation.

Some of the PPI claims firms are firms of solicitors, and some are not. It is not necessary to choose a firm of solicitors to make a PPI claim, but there can be advantages because, in the UK, solicitors are allowed to operate on a “no win, no fee”, “100% compensation” basis.

Both the solicitor based companies, and the other companies, can operate on the no win, no fee scheme. The important difference however, between a company using solicitors, and one not using solicitors, is who will actually pay the fee if the case is won.

In the UK solicitors who win cases of this type are allowed to recover their fees from the loser. Therefore all of the compensation awarded goes direct to the client. Non-lawyer firms cannot recover their costs in this way, and they usually work by taking a percentage out of any compensation which is awarded. Usually they take between 25% and 50% of the compensation.

It is therefore advised that when choosing a company to make a PPI claim, one should find how they will cover the costs in the event that they win the case. Companies using lawyers, and companies not using lawyers, can both offer no win, no fee contracts, but only companies using lawyers will be able to claim their costs from the lender, guaranteeing 100 per cent compensation for the claimant.

Learn about the benefits and advantages of being protected with PPI claims today! When you receive the information you need to make a knowledgeable decision about Payment Protection Insurance, you will be able to identify Mis sold PPI quickly and easily!

Armed with the flaming sword of truth, I defeat PPI Claims scammers HYC (Help Your Claim) when they cold-call me.

Cold-caller company: HYC (Help Your Claim) whose number was 01204 238003 or 01204238003 at the time of the call.

They want to earn a big claims management fee by handling a claim for PPI, even though I had no PPI policy.

There are lots of complaints about this company, suggesting that it routinely tries to get people to make fake PPI claims for loans and people who don’t exist or who were not involved:


Role of PPI claim companies in getting the PPI Claim

PPI stands for Payment Protection Insurance, which is designed, especially to cover the repayment of debts, which a person is unable to clear, due to illness, accident, insolvency etc. It provides you with all the protection along with proper coverage to your loans as well as debts.
Generally, if you have accessed any credit agreement or loan, you are likely to pay into a policy of PPI.

The PPI claim is a simple and a hassle-free process. Once you have filled the form to verify your eligibility and to see whether it is worth making a claim, you move further and choose the best PPI claim Company.

These days, there are so many PPI claim companies available and so you should be very careful before choosing the company, as they might scam you and you will end up paying more than what you access through this claim.

Role of PPI claim company

The best PPI claim Company acts on the customer’s behalf and helps them to realize back any amount of compensation that the company owes. The best PPI claim company uses ethical methods to get the compensation. These legal PPI companies use legal processes to help the customer. The helpful and friendly behavior of such companies enable them to get closer to the customers and understand their needs and requirements of the claim. They aim to get the claim as soon as possible without wasting time. They don’t misguide the customers to make profit for them. Their sole objective is to provide 100% customer satisfaction at an amazingly low commission rate which includes VAT. Even though many companies help you to find out:

* How much do you owe?
* How many policies you have?
* Number of mis-sold
* Whether you have any PPI?

You can also find many online companies on the internet. You can browse on the internet to find the best PPI Claim Company. The expertise of the PPI solicitors of these companies helps you in getting all the advantages and services during the time of claim. The company acts on behalf of the customer and handles the entire claiming process. It also helps in understanding the charge on your PPI claim and focus on the minute details of the PPI documents. They treat it as their own issue and give you 100% results. So, if you are looking for the best PPI Claim Company, you can do research online and see the results on your own.

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