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The Best Way To Choose A PPI Claim Specialist

If you have been mis sold payment protection insurance and wish to find the proper company to handle your ppi claim to suit your needs, we have created an easy set of inquiries for you which you can employ when choosing a UK ppi claims company.

We’re going to first list the questions and under each one give you our thoughts for reasonable answers which you will be given. Keep in mind if anything at all sounds too good to be true more than likely it is.

1. Just how long can I expect my ppi claim to take?

Most agencies will tell you from eight weeks up to twelve weeks; frequently this is the standard time unless there are more circumstances which could extend your claim.

2. Do you guarantee you will certainly win the case to reclaim ppi expenses?

Steer clear of any organization saying they will guarantee it. Legitimate companies will explain they cannot guarantee a win, but can supply their history.

3. Exactly what are your rates and exactly how much do I need to pay up front?

Legit businesses will not likely ask you for an advance fee, if they request one do not employ them. The most common fee is 25% of your win (plus VAT). These will solely be charged upon money won in your favor by way of the firms.

4. I previously contacted the lender and they rejected my ppi claims can I still utilize your firm?

Normally most companies will still accept the case unless you have previously filed with the Financial Ombudsman Service. It is necessary that you collect any material with regards to your ppi claim previously started to share with the new company.

5. Am I able to make more than one ppi claim if I had more than one bank loan together with payment protection insurance attached to it?

Most of the time you should be capable of make several ppi claims.

6. I paid my loan off some time ago would it be too late to reclaim payment protection in the event I was mis-led?

The general principle is that often as long as you have forms and the loan had been within the last 6 or so years then you should still be qualified to file a claim.

7. What should I expect?

This may be a wide open query to inquire about; you really need to understand what is expected of you, what documents as well as other forms may be required as well as if they shall keep you abreast to your ppi claim and status.

If you intend to make your ppi claim today, please visit and start on your way to reclaim payment protection.

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How to Make a PPI Claim with the best PPI Claim company?

There are several PPI claim companies that are popping up everywhere. It is no wonder that it is very difficult to choose the best PPI claim company. Many of these companies are simply trying to en-cashfrom the enormous need arising from the customers for the PPI claims. So, after making a proper research and getting thorough knowledge, you can opt for a reputable company that offers you its services with complete honesty and transparency.

How to make a PPI Claim?

PPI is something that is packed into a lot of mortgages and loans. Many times, it has been found that many PPI claims were mis-sold. Making a PPI claim with the help of the best PPI claim company is beneficial for you. Making a PPI claim is not, however, a difficult task to do. But, you should know how your PPI claim can be realized through choosing the best PPI claim company. The first and foremost thing you need to know is whether your PPI claim is a valid one. The general rule of the PPI claim is to give it a go, if you think that you were mis-sold.


Always do your paperwork with the best of your knowledge and acquaintance. A small error costs you much loss. After having an agreement with the service provider, always keep a copy with you of the terms and conditions of the agreement and if you don’t have one, ask the service provider for a copy.A reputable service provider will always get a properly drafted agreement signed before starting the work. The lenders will charge a fee (depends on lenders) and so do not forget to include a check as it saves your time.

Mis-sold PPI ?

The third step is to know what exactly was being sold at the time. The sellers of PPI make certain you that they understand all about the products like how it relates to your situation, whether you get a benefit or not etc.

Almost every PPI guiding principle of the best PPI Claim company has some conditions and segregation. It means that under certain situations, you may not be able to get the PPI claim. So, you are advised to contact the lender or to seek the help from an experienced PPI reclaim expert. In any case, if lenders do not respond to you, or you are not satisfied with their services, you have the liberty to approach the Financial Ombudsman Services(FOS) for redress of your grievance.

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