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Cat breeds for your Apartment


Are you thinking of getting a cat? But you’re still confused about which breed would be right? Then, fret not. You’re in the right place. Cat population has surpassed the dog population in the recent years. This is primarily because cats tend to adapt better to the indoor ambience than dogs. Even so, there are certain kitties which make better roommates than others. We present to you ten cat breeds that would suit your indoors perfectly –

  1. The British Shorthair-This cat is perfect for your apartment. It is friendly, quiet and more importantly, perfect for first-time cat owners.
  1. The Persian – The Persian is a very calm, easy going cat. Hence, it readily adapts to the indoors. Persians do need frequent grooming.
  1. The Exotic – the Exotic is quite similar to the Persian. These cats are calm and do not need a lot of attention. The difference between the Exotic and the Persian is that the former has a shorter hair thereby reducing the frequency of grooming.
  1. The Russian Blue – The Russian Blue is the perfect cat for the working population. Their coat does not require a lot of maintenance and these cats tend to be very loyal. Shy at the beginning, they turn into the perfect companions.
  1. The Ragdoll – The Ragdoll is the best indoor cats. Ragdolls are sweet natured and placid. They are the perfect lap cats and do not demand a lot of attention.
  1. The Javanese – Unlike the Ragdoll, the Javanese do require some special time with their owners. But these cats are very playful and fun to be with. These cats are also great for first-time cat owners. Whichever breed do you have, it is important to have pet insurance for your pet.
  1. The Burmese – The Burmese cats are short haired, playful cats. They suit almost every indoor environment. However, it is advised to not leave them alone for a very long time. They tend to get lonely after long periods of owners’ absence.
  1. The Burmilla – These cats are a combination of Burmese and These cats are also very friendly and they get along well little children and other pets, too.
  1. The Scottish Fold – These extremely adorable cats are incredibly affectionate, gentle and sweet. Hence, they easily mix up with the family members.
  1. The Singapura – The Singapura cats are amiable, lovely and affectionate. They appeal to cat lovers all over the world. They love human company and thus, make amazing companions. Their coat is also shorthaired which makes grooming them simpler.


Festival celebration eagerly awaited and insurance necessity


Diwali which is one of the most eagerly awaited festivals of Hindus is celebrated with lots of pomp and show. It is because of its celebration and rituals attached to it that makes it stand out from other festivals. It is also known as “Deepavali”. The word Deepavali is made from two words Deep + valli which literally means rows of Diyas. According to Hindu calendar Deepavali is celebrated in the Kartik month.

People decorate their shops and house with lights and other decoration materials. It is believed that no corner of the house or working place is left in the dark. People lit diyas or candles at each and every corner of the house. People love to say their prayers with their family and eat sweets. According to Hindu mythology, Diwali is celebrated on the day when Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile.

During his exile period, Ravana stole Sita Ma and kept her in hi Lanka. On Diwali day it is believed that Lord am killed Ravana and returned to Ayodhya. To celebrate their victory of good over bad and hope over despair, Diwali is celebrated. Ayodhya Wasi to show their happiness on the arrival of their favorite Ram they decorate and lighted streets and houses with Diyas. It is believed that the Asli ghee ki Diye was burnt at that time. It’s their way of showing their love and affection towards Ram, Lakhman and Sita.

As there is lots of lightening on Diwali night, Diwali is also called a festival; of light. Where children are excited about fire crackers, elders look forward to buying some gadgets or home appliances. Elder people bless their family members by giving those gifts or sweets. Everybody wears new clothes and perform special Diwali Puja at night.

Houses are decorated with flowers, Lanterns, electrical bulbs,etc. all the Diwali decoration is done with the sole aim of inviting Goddess Lakshmi to the house. It is believed that prosperityflows into the house if all the family members get to gather and say their special prayers on Diwali night and at the time told by the Pandits. This time is fixed and notified beforehand so that people perform Puja within this time.

After the Puja people lit Diyas and candles at the front of their house. People go to temples and lit 5 Diyas at different places. It is also believed that while returning home, a Diya should be kept at the crossing of the house as well. After prayers it’s time for crackers. Children love to play with crackers and their celebration with cracker starts 15 days prior to Diwali. These days children are told in the school to celebrate cracker-free Diwali as it tends to create lots of noise air pollution. Needless to say Diwali that is celebrated with sweets, new clothing’s, Decoration and gifts is unique in itself. It helps in fixing glue to the family bond. When family unite together to celebrate, eat and pray it brings prosperity in the house.


mis sold ppi Loan Help

PPI is an add on to a loan to help the customers with the repayment of their loans in case they are unable to repay it due to some illness, accident, loss of job or death. It is a good supporting product to the loan if the customer has been informed in advance and is allowed to make a decision based on facts not on omission or coercion.
Most of the customers who took out a loan or credit card ten years ago were offered or sold a PPI policy at the time you took out a loan, mortgage, credit insurance, unemployment cover, mortgage payment protection plan, credit card or other credit. It might have been under the name of loan protection, personal loan protection or loan repayment insurance. The policy is thought to be mis-sold when the customer was not made fully aware of any major limitations or exclusions, did not understand the true cost or was made to think that the policy was mandatory when it was not so or were effectively pressured into taking the policy. Most of the time customers were not even informed that they had this insurance attached to their loans. Many policies turned out to be completely worthless when the need arose and not provided the expected cover. Furthermore many people have been sold a policy without being made aware of the cost or terms made clear fully or partially, thus they end up spending a lot of money on insurance they will never need or will never be able to claim on. Any loan contract containing words like “loan protection”, “payment protection” or “loan care” or anything similar, will more than likely be a mis-sold policy. Most of the banks and lenders that mis sold PPI are seeing better profits now than ever before while the customers paid off their debts with their tax payments and now they are able to borrow money at the lowest rates ever, just 0.5%. Then they charge their customers an average loan rate of 8%, credit card rates around 18% and mortgage rates circa 6%, making them staggering profits and leaving theirpoor customers with mounting debts.
The Financial Services Authority (FSA) found that almost 80% PPI policies were mis-sold. Thanks to the high court ruling which has made the banks and other lenders to look into all the policies they have sold and refund the customers with interest. TheFSA also found that despite the repeated warnings many lenders are still not treating their customers fairly.
It is true that you can apply for a PPI claim without the assistance of a solicitor or a PPI Claim Firm, it is easier to take help of a PPI assistance team or request a PPI specialist. We’ve already got money back for all of a lot of victims of mis-sold PPI and if you’ve got a case, we’ll do the same; strictly on a NO WIN NO FEE basis. There might be a time limit applicable to your case so do not delay. Contact us today.

if you are unable to meet the payments through redundancy or being unable to work due to illness or accident. It is available with mortgages, mis sold ppi plans to manage timely payments in low financial situations

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See If You May Have A A PPI Claim

Were you tricked into buying Payment Protection Service (PPI) over the last six or so years, and live within the United kingdom? If the answer is yes indeed, or perhaps that you are not certain if you’ve been mis sold ppi, make sure you continue reading.

Truth be told that most payment protection insurance purchases have concluded in consumers in the many thousands looking to get a settlement for the money that they paid as a result of fraudulent methods from banking institutions, credit card companies, or financial institutions by means of ppi claims.

Many significant named banking institutions have already been fined millions of pounds by way of the FSA and in turn have ended up being forced to repay millions of customers who have been mis-sold payment protection insurance once they have acted by filing UK ppi claims.

There is still a considerable amount of scandal in regards to all these actions. Numerous financial institutions will not even take a look at a person’s ppi claim when it has been received. Instead, they just make use of a standard notice of denial and send it onto the complainant.

A number of the ways in which individuals were missold PPI is usually as follows:

* They in no way agreed on the ppi, yet they were charged and paid for it.

* They had been made to think to obtain the loan the PPI was necessary for acceptance.

* They were never questioned of their medical history.

* They were never questioned regarding employment status, for example duration of time at current job (the least twelve months to be qualified), nor asked if self-employed (ineligible).

* The payment schedule was never shown nor explained.

This is really a generalized break down for essentially the most frequently used techniques or tactics for the misleading.

Many individuals after they receive the rejection notice from the financial institution simply give up. Obviously, this is what the banks want you to do. They assume the majority of people do not read the newspapers, online resources or watch tv, and assume they will just drop it. And figures indicates they are right.

Don’t be one of these statistics, either begin your own ppi claim yourself right now, however be ready for the actual refusal notice. When it comes, write them back and tell them you expect compensation or you will continue onto the FOS.

If that does not work, naturally you will need to contact the FOS and ask them to continue the actual ppi claim for you. Additionally remember that if you don’t want to cope with all of the hassles, you could look for a expert ppi claims company whom knows their stuff and permit them to carry out the job for you.

Find more details about mis sold ppi claims by getting in contact with specialists at

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Mis Sold PPI Costs Consumers Thousands Every Year

Payment protection insurance can be a very useful financial product. It is designed to cover you for repayments to loans, plastic cards and other credit products should you be unable to pay due to ill health or redundancy. However lenders have been misusing PPI insurance for a number of years now and this has left consumers out of pocket by thousands of pounds.

There are many ways that lenders mis sell PPI to their clients. One of the biggest ways is the “single premium” policy. This is where the cost of the policy is added to the loan then sold as “fully protected”. The customer then takes out a loan not knowing they are making interest repayments on the PPI policy as well as the loan.

This can add a significant amount to the money owed, which many people will struggle to pay back. Some lenders have even gone as far as to tell customers they cannot take out a credit product unless they have the PPI cover as well. This is actually against financial regulations as PPI is classed as an optional insurance and no one ‘has’ to have it.

If you have a job or are retired and not suffering any long term illness, PPI may not be of any use to you. Should any of these situations arise, there are usually so many exclusion clauses (self employed, bad backs to name a few) that only 18% of policies ever pay out.

The terms of this cover do not provide for pre-existing illnesses in most cases. This makes the policy worthless to people with pre-existing conditions as when they try to claim they will be refused. This systematic mis selling of PPI is one of the biggest scams in the banking industry and has destroyed a lot of the faith many people had in the whole financial system.

Now the extent of mis sold PPIs has come to light lenders are under serious pressure to refund customers their money. If you were told you had to have PPI or were mis sold the policy for a number of other reasons then you could claim back your money. If you don’t know where to start then you could take advantage of one of the specialist PPI claim handling companies. They have a lot of experience dealing with lenders and filing complaints with the relevant authorities. This can be a very useful service especially if you are a very busy person or your case if very complicated.

If you have been mis sold PPI on your loan or credit card, you can make handle it yourself or fine a ppi claims specialist like Gladstone Brookes to handle your mis sold PPI claim.

Claim Your PPI Back: Essential Things To Recognize

Have you ever encountered a Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)? Generally, it is a program attached to almost all the different kinds of mortgage give to clients. If you don’t understand regarding this and you employed for any loan, then you have to read again the small print of contracts. PPI is actually part of the mortgage to protect the credit and accounts of the consumer in the event a serious clinical emergency, economical difficulties or loss occurred. Having said that, this sort of payment is not always applied or sometimes regarded as useless throughout the life of your mortgage. This means that the consumers are covering them and they do not get the funds again if there aren’t any emergencies or difficulties transpired on the duration of the loan.

In past times, lots of people experienced PPI mis-selling. It is pointless, unlawful and this will cost a lot of money to the consumer. Many people became victims of this kind of scam causing numerous troubles in their part. So what can one does in the mean time while thinking about the ideal ways to claim back PPI?

It is best to look for people with enough experience in handling these kinds of issues. PPI are actually used to repay the loans that the consumer has in case of emergencies like hospitalization, financial problems or if they lose their jobs. The consumers pay for it to protect their credit rating if they do not have enough money to pay for the loan. However, after the loan is paid and the PPI is not used, they are not properly returned to the consumer even if they are not used. This is the main reason why you need to claim your PPI.

You can begin by checking out several of the information on your mortgage. Consider the way the PPI policy is added in and why you didn’t respond when it’s added to the mortgage. You need to evaluate it properly and make an in depth note regarding this.

After that, you have to assess the total amount of cash that you paid in your PPI. You lost your premiums so you’ve the right to take it again particularly if it is not used to pay for the mortgage.

Once you have everything needed as well as the information that you have to complete, the next thing is to create the complaint. You have to make a detailed complaint to the financial institution and the grounds why you need reimbursement. After mailing the complaint, the bank will definitely give back a reply regarding the complaint which you sent them. Beginning from this, the task will be more complex. It is best if you can search for an expert that will assist you all throughout the task. By hiring a expert, they will help you evaluate the details that you need to provide for the complaint and organize everything to ensure that you will claim back PPI successfully.

Go Claim PPI have a 100% success rate at helping people to claim back PPI compensation.

Choosing the Right Company to Handle Your PPI Claim

Over 20 million people in the UK have been mis sold Payment Protection insurance and are eligible to make a claim.

PPI is usually added without a customer’s knowledge or without being fully explained. Some add PPI as a compulsory part of any financial agreement but this is not true.

So if you have been mis sold PPI it’s important that you choose the right company to handle your claim. Follow these top tips to choosing the right company to handle your PPI claim.

The number one consideration when choosing a company to handle your claim must be trust. You will be entrusting the company to deal with your bank, look after your financial paperwork and, of course, secure the best compensation deal available to you. Look at the companies website, do some research and look for online reviews of the company.

Watch out for upfront fees as you should never pay money upfront. Upfront fees means that the company has less of an incentive to pursue your claim.

Ask about any extra charges that companies make in addition to the standard percentage charges they charge you for extras. For example, many companies charge extra for handling your documents and other admin fees. Find out about these beforehand to avoid any nasty surprises popping up.

The claim letter that is initially sent to start compensation proceedings is vitally important when making a successful .Learn a little bit about who will be writing the letter. Questions to ask could be along the lines of ‘is the letter written by junior staff or experts?’

Do not fall into the trap of believing that they can guarantee a successful claim No claims company will know whether or not your claim will be successful until they have all the details to hand.

With complaints rising about PPI and experts predicting that the full compensation bill for missold insurance is likely to reach £3 billion, don’t delay seeking the compensation that you rightly deserve.

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PPI Scandal – The Actual Shame of the Bailed Out Banks

Payment Protection Insurance, shortened simply as ‘PPI’, is in theory an exceptionally dependable insurance product that built to guard many people if perhaps these people are not able to meet the payments of their specific loan or maybe credit card. Even so, what over the face of it might have been a positive option towards the financial services product range of the major lenders of the UK has in fact ended up being a ‘weapon’ utilised by banks to pull undue funds out of a lot of unsuspecting customers.

It’s uncertain which financial institution began the mis-selling of PPI in the UK, however what is actually apparent is that the scandal became common across the industry with nearly all important lenders involved to a point. Almost all leading UK banks have actually been brought to justice by the financial services authority and must now fix the harm they have definitely caused using a pro-active way. The particular bill may very well reach billions of pounds, yet this are definitely billions which has been wrongly received by the banks in the first place, therefore just about they deserve to pay back in settlement.

The reality that all of these major institutions that we give our own hard-earned money with would most likely do this kind of obvious mis-selling scandal from the start is not good enough. Though what precisely makes the scandal more intense is the fact that they have definitely made it as difficult as possible for individuals to actually move claims so as to get the particular payout they are rightly due. Likewise, when you couple with this fact that the individuals who are actually due pay out are definitely the very tax payers that bailed the banks out at the time they were in the verge of disaster, the phrase scandal possibly doesn’t actually push a strong enough note.

How will you determine if you are actually some of those effected by PPI mis-selling scandal? Basically in case you got a credit card or loan during the last ten years, you must try to seek out your current forms and find out if there exists in fact any kind of PPI included. It could be under a considerably distinct term just like ‘card protector’ or ‘loan cover’. If you discover you have been investing in PPI however uninformed that you were ‘sold’ it from the beginning, this in turn by itself may very well be grounds for a valid complaint as well as compensation claim. Various other legitimate claims could be actioned when informed that you ‘needed’ to accept PPI any time you acquired the loan or credit card and steer to believe that you might be not as likely get favored for the specific credit should you declined. You can even have PPI that is practically useless to you personally, for instance it might possibly only cover employed parties but you were in fact self-employed. Therefore do examine the terms and conditions if you have them available or perhaps ask the exact provider for the original documents which you signed so that you may verify the legality should you be in any doubt by any means.

When you have any sort of hunch that you is eligible for settlement the next action is to think about how you will go about actioning a compensation claim. The 2 main alternatives you own are generally to process a claim all by yourself or perhaps to approach an established claim handling company. In theory the lender you submit your claim to need to completely work along with you but in reality this really is not the case. When in fact they admit responsibility at all, they will probably attempt to give you less than you are rightly due. It is in their interests to pay people as minimal payment as they can possibly get away with.

A professional claims company is unlikely to turn out becoming misled by any strategies the lender may perhaps use. In reality they have a vested desire to acquire the utmost probable settlement. The reason for this is that many claims companies basically demand portion of the compensation settled. For that reason, in the event that settlement is not actually acquired from the specific claim these companies will never mandate anything from the client. The larger the actual settlement granted, the better both you together with the claim company will get therefore there is a beneficial conjunction of interests.

So the basic information is certainly this. The big financial institutions of the UK have committed a mis-selling, of which there isn’t any doubt. There is already a window time in which affected people need to process a claim to gain settlement. You need to check whether you or any person close to you are one of those afflicted persons and then if you are you must get it done.

Go Claim PPI have a 100% success rate at helping people to gain compensation for valid PPI Claims in the UK.

Have You Been Mis Sold PPI Cover?

Financial regulation authorities in the UK have in recent times identified numerous breaches of the regulations concerning the selling of Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) policies with loans and other finance agreements. Certain banks and building societies have been found to have mis sold PPI policies to their customers.

More than one million borrowers in the UK may have taken inappropriate and unnecessary Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) when they entered into loan agreements. Sometimes people were sold insurance which was not appropriate to their circumstances such as insurance against loss of income being sold to someone who was not in employment. Sometimes people were not advised that they would be charged up-front for the insurance, and would therefore end up paying extra interest. This article explains how to identify if you have been a victim of a mis-sold PPI policy.

If you have been a victim of PPI mis-selling then you may be eligible for compensation. You can claim for compensation yourself or contact one of the many companies which specialize in making compensation claims on behalf of their clients.

You can check if you have a valid claim by reviewing the following questions. If the answer to any question is “no” then you may have a valid claim.

In cases where the PPI insurance was optional was this explained to you? Some PPI sellers have told borrowers that PPI insurance was compulsory, in effect saying that you wouldn’t get the loan unless you took out the insurance.

If the policy excluded pre-existing medical conditions then were you advised of that fact?

If the premium (payment) for the insurance was taken as a single up-front fee, then was that properly explained to you?

If you did make a single up-front PPI payment then were you advised that this would be added to the principal of the loan, and you would have to pay interest on it?

If you took out a loan or finance agreement for longer than five years were you advised that your single premium PPI insurance would expire after five years? In effect you would be left without protection for the rest of the life time of the loan, but you would still be paying interest on your PPI premium after the insurance had expired.

PPI claims specialists advertise widely in newspapers, and they list a number of major banks and building societies which have been shown to have broken the regulations with regards to PPI mis-selling. You may have a valid claim if you have been a victim of PPI mis-selling and you claim will remain valid for several years even after you have finished paying off your loan.

You can pursue a claim on your own, or you can employ a PPI claims specialist on your behalf. Specialist companies advertise widely on TV, in newspapers and can also be found using the internet. If you act as an individual then you can find out how to make your claim by following the advice in financial websites and print magazines. If however you choose to use a PPI specialist company then their customer advisers will help fill in the relevant claims documentation for you.

Learn more about PPI Claims. Visit where you can find out all about how to make PPI compensation claims and start to get your cash back.

“Jason” wants me to claim for Payment Protection Insurance mis-selling. But as I am a retired East End villain, I think he wants to talk about Protection Money. I string him along for 10 minutes and he teaches me a lesson about the Righteous Path.

Caller’s company name:
First Call Contact Centre. I can’t find a web-site for this company and it isn’t listed at Companies House. Surely it isn’t a division of MadeUpName plc?

Caller’s name:
Jason Matthews

Scammer’s phone number:
Forgot to check.

Aim of call:
This caller is collecting information that he can sell to a Claims Management company. He is indirectly making money out of the people he makes unsolicited calls to.

How it works:

There is no doubt that many people did not notice, were not informed, or did not understand that they were paying their financial institution for PPI on top of their loan, mortgage or credit card. Those people can reclaim the money they paid for their PPI, plus interest.

The Claims Management company pursues a claim on the behalf of the “victim”, charging a substantial percentage of the repayment that they receive.

But making a claim for PPI mis-selling is easy — if you are a victim of mis-selling, you can make a claim yourself. There’s no need to involve a Claims Management company, and no need to pay them a penny. The Claims Management company will not do anything more than you would.

All the step-by-step information you need to make a free claim can be found here:
[I am not affiliated with this site, I’m just putting this link here in case anyone finds this YouTube page when they are searching for PPI information]

Information held by the company:
Initials and surname, phone number, street address and town.

Friendly, with overuse of the victim’s name. Jason uses the salesman’s tactic of letting the victim think they have “won” early on in the call (by pointing out the victim is joking around), and then carrying on with his sales pitch. He’s never going to be successful in this call though!
Video Rating: / 5


Instructions on How to Claim Missold Credit Card Insurance

It is always essential to find out how to claim missold credit card insurance. This will ensure that your rights are not infringed by financial institutions. There has been an increase of missale of insurance by these financial institutions in the recent past. This has the potential of leading to payments of insurance premiums without your consent. Therefore, you should learn how to claim PPI in Belfast in order to ensure that you are not a victim. It is always good to know your rights so that they are not abused. Here are instructions on how to claim missold credit card insurance.

Research about PPI

It is always prudent to conduct research about the missold credit card if you feel aggrieved. There are many sources of information regarding claim payment protection Belfast. These may include various financial journals, magazines, blogs, and websites. It is vital to be acquainted with the various rules and regulations that govern the industry. This will ensure that you are aware of your rights and obligations when you feel that you were wrongly sold PPI. You will also learn credible information about how to claim PPI in Belfast.

Get a credible solicitor

A solicitor is extremely essential whenever you want to learn how to claim missold credit card insurance. They have adequate skills and expertise in different financial matters. They are also fully aware of the financial management rules and regulations. Therefore, they offer credible information on payment protection insurance Belfast. This information will help you to establish whether your claim for compensation will be fruitful. They are honest and frank and will instruct you on the best way forward. They are also experienced and fully aware of the best approach on how to claim PPI in Belfast.

Establish how much you are owed

Solicitors will help you to calculate the amount of insurance you were fraudulently made to pay. They have a calculation tool that will assist you whenever you need to know how to claim missold credit card insurance. The solicitors will seek to find out the circumstances under which you fell victim to the missold credit. They will ask you if you were pressured into taking the insurance. They will also ask if you were self-employed or unemployed at the time you were getting the credit card or loan. This information will help the solicitor to establish the best way on how to claim PPI in Belfast.

Organize the necessary documents

You will then need to get all the necessary documentation about the financial transactions. The documents are essential proof for the missale of PPI Belfast. They will assist the solicitors when making the claim to the financial institution. If you do not have them, the solicitor will make an effort to find them for you. They can get copies of the documents from various offices. This is because of their experience in making the claims for other clients. The solicitors will also tell you about any other requirements. They will then file PPI claims Belfast to the financial institution on your behalf.

Keith Morrisroe is the author of this article on How to Claim PPI in Belfast.
Find more information, about PPI Claims Belfast here

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How to Claim PPI_Mortgage PPI Claims

In the last decade, there have been a large number of successful PPI claims made in the UK against is-sold PPI policies. Having said that, we must first shed some light on what is can be considered as a mis-sold PPI. In a case where the Payment Protection Insurance is sold after furnishing misleading information or sometimes a policy is sold where you would never have qualified to claim coverage. Sometimes the sale is made without any knowledge of the customer where the Banks or lenders sell PPI as all these cases you are entitled to get a refund on your money through a PPI claim.

This has been a big mess, which was taking place all over. From small lenders to big lending brands, everyone has their share in this act of misleading. Today there are a lot of places that can help you claim your money back. Professional PPI claim calculators and legal experts can help you claim your PPI. A number of companies have mushroomed who can also offer expert advice on how to claim PPI.

PPI policies sold to unemployed, retired individual or an even student is a case of mis-selling. Valid PPi policies are those which were sold to a person who is under employment. There are special clauses which say that loss of income owing to illness, accidents or conditions like mental illness or backbone trouble is not covered by most of these PPI policies even though thousands of individual are rendered unemployed owing to such issues. While selling a policy if you are not informed that such cases will not be covered by your policy, you have a right to claim.

When you ask en expert how to claim PPI, one of the most recommended ways to start by getting in touch with the insurer in writing, which is one of the main steps of the complaint process for most Insurance companies. This way a financial investigator will get into the picture and delve deeper into you case.

The letter in the right format is available online; you simply have to download it and tweak it to suit your personal requirement and then send it through registered post so that you can keep a proof that the letter was received.
The financial services agencies is bound to take action to any complaints received within 5 business days and resolve the issue within two months from the date of receipt of the complaint.

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