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Cat breeds for your Apartment


Are you thinking of getting a cat? But you’re still confused about which breed would be right? Then, fret not. You’re in the right place. Cat population has surpassed the dog population in the recent years. This is primarily because cats tend to adapt better to the indoor ambience than dogs. Even so, there are certain kitties which make better roommates than others. We present to you ten cat breeds that would suit your indoors perfectly –

  1. The British Shorthair-This cat is perfect for your apartment. It is friendly, quiet and more importantly, perfect for first-time cat owners.
  1. The Persian – The Persian is a very calm, easy going cat. Hence, it readily adapts to the indoors. Persians do need frequent grooming.
  1. The Exotic – the Exotic is quite similar to the Persian. These cats are calm and do not need a lot of attention. The difference between the Exotic and the Persian is that the former has a shorter hair thereby reducing the frequency of grooming.
  1. The Russian Blue – The Russian Blue is the perfect cat for the working population. Their coat does not require a lot of maintenance and these cats tend to be very loyal. Shy at the beginning, they turn into the perfect companions.
  1. The Ragdoll – The Ragdoll is the best indoor cats. Ragdolls are sweet natured and placid. They are the perfect lap cats and do not demand a lot of attention.
  1. The Javanese – Unlike the Ragdoll, the Javanese do require some special time with their owners. But these cats are very playful and fun to be with. These cats are also great for first-time cat owners. Whichever breed do you have, it is important to have pet insurance for your pet.
  1. The Burmese – The Burmese cats are short haired, playful cats. They suit almost every indoor environment. However, it is advised to not leave them alone for a very long time. They tend to get lonely after long periods of owners’ absence.
  1. The Burmilla – These cats are a combination of Burmese and These cats are also very friendly and they get along well little children and other pets, too.
  1. The Scottish Fold – These extremely adorable cats are incredibly affectionate, gentle and sweet. Hence, they easily mix up with the family members.
  1. The Singapura – The Singapura cats are amiable, lovely and affectionate. They appeal to cat lovers all over the world. They love human company and thus, make amazing companions. Their coat is also shorthaired which makes grooming them simpler.


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