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Festival celebration eagerly awaited and insurance necessity


Diwali which is one of the most eagerly awaited festivals of Hindus is celebrated with lots of pomp and show. It is because of its celebration and rituals attached to it that makes it stand out from other festivals. It is also known as “Deepavali”. The word Deepavali is made from two words Deep + valli which literally means rows of Diyas. According to Hindu calendar Deepavali is celebrated in the Kartik month.

People decorate their shops and house with lights and other decoration materials. It is believed that no corner of the house or working place is left in the dark. People lit diyas or candles at each and every corner of the house. People love to say their prayers with their family and eat sweets. According to Hindu mythology, Diwali is celebrated on the day when Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile.

During his exile period, Ravana stole Sita Ma and kept her in hi Lanka. On Diwali day it is believed that Lord am killed Ravana and returned to Ayodhya. To celebrate their victory of good over bad and hope over despair, Diwali is celebrated. Ayodhya Wasi to show their happiness on the arrival of their favorite Ram they decorate and lighted streets and houses with Diyas. It is believed that the Asli ghee ki Diye was burnt at that time. It’s their way of showing their love and affection towards Ram, Lakhman and Sita.

As there is lots of lightening on Diwali night, Diwali is also called a festival; of light. Where children are excited about fire crackers, elders look forward to buying some gadgets or home appliances. Elder people bless their family members by giving those gifts or sweets. Everybody wears new clothes and perform special Diwali Puja at night.

Houses are decorated with flowers, Lanterns, electrical bulbs,etc. all the Diwali decoration is done with the sole aim of inviting Goddess Lakshmi to the house. It is believed that prosperityflows into the house if all the family members get to gather and say their special prayers on Diwali night and at the time told by the Pandits. This time is fixed and notified beforehand so that people perform Puja within this time.

After the Puja people lit Diyas and candles at the front of their house. People go to temples and lit 5 Diyas at different places. It is also believed that while returning home, a Diya should be kept at the crossing of the house as well. After prayers it’s time for crackers. Children love to play with crackers and their celebration with cracker starts 15 days prior to Diwali. These days children are told in the school to celebrate cracker-free Diwali as it tends to create lots of noise air pollution. Needless to say Diwali that is celebrated with sweets, new clothing’s, Decoration and gifts is unique in itself. It helps in fixing glue to the family bond. When family unite together to celebrate, eat and pray it brings prosperity in the house.

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