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The Ultimate Guide to SEO

SEO’s Progress Through the Years

Some commerce prosper due to the help of the search engine optimization. Maybe some of them have worked with this strategy long time time however they didn’t make any progress.

The reading that follows enumerate the changes of SEO over the years and it also highlights the differentiation.

2000 SEO
Getting Down To Basics with Businesses

At this time, a number of people go to popular search engines. Way back then, people are not so familiar with the internet thus only a small percent are looking into the web.
Getting Creative With SEO Advice

The site is usually composed of a page or two for it to load fast. To make the page look natural and gain more visitors, SEO has incorporated the website by keeping as many keywords as necessary.

For 2002, people have concluded that SEO will stop because there’s an alternative that was created and that includes a website that can initiate search.

In 2003, there was a large company who bought smaller search engines. At the same year, another huge company tried to limit spam websites. Despite of this, the company considered SEO as unbreakable since more audiences kept coming. This is the birth of professional SEO.

In 2004, a spamming website was taken down from the internet due to it’s dirty methods.

2006 is the year when website linking and purchasing links became so common.

For four years, a huge company kept on rating websites by their contents and the significance of it to the target audience of the company.

By this year, social media has made a connection to the search engines.

So what is the main reason behind the classification? It was done to make the websites available for commonly used keywords.

It is very difficult to compare the level of what SEO can do before to what SEO can do at the moment. We can usually judge a website based on its appearance but as time goes by, another criteria has been added in the process. You can only say that your website is effective if you can get a lot of customers from it. Digital marketing will probably become the main factor in enhancing your website to attract more visitors and followers.

A certain website for videos rose up to fame just because of the large number of subscribers. Through SEO, these videos can be watch by a billion of audiences. SEO played an important role in improving the amount of visitors in a website and it will stay longer. Gaining customers can be exciting but gaining an ample amount of customers continuously is better.

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