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Is It Possible To Claim PPI – List Of Questions

A lot of people continue to be trying to establish if they are indeed eligible to file a ppi claim to their lender in order to get a settlement on the monies in which they may have paid back unfairly. Large numbers of cases of mis sold ppi claims have already been filed and a very large percentage has in fact won. According to the Financial Ombudsman a complainant must satisfy certain factors in an attempt to make mis sold ppi claims; after which it must be proven to be able to recover your money (in addition to 8% statutory). We have developed a brief checklist of criteria so that you can go through; if at least one relates to your own personal situation, then there are very good probabilities you will have a legitimate complaint.

Personal Information

* You were less than 18 years old or over 65 years old.

Health Related

* Past medical conditions such as back conditions or perhaps stress and anxiety, clinical depression, and so forth.

* Existing medical condition.

* No one at any time asked any questions concerning any medical or health issues.

Employment Circumstance / Status

* You actually had not been employed at existing position for a minimum of twelve months.

* You were jobless or perhaps retired.

* You had been self-employed.

* Employment status was a short-term position.

* You were working less than sixteen hours per week.

Time of Loan and / or Credit Application

* You had been led to believe possibly specifically or in a roundabout way that the PPI was compulsory to acquire a loan product.

* You were not advised you had the ability to purchase the PPI from someone else at a reduced rate.

* No-one asked you if you had any other insurance (not just PPI).

* Nobody reviewed with you the expense of the payment protection insurance; either prior to as well as following financing.

* You in no way approved payment protection insurance purchase; however it has been included in your loan payments.

* Nobody discussed to you the full terms or conditions.

There might be various other fundamental circumstances by which you are categorized as that will also permit you to make a legitimate mis sold ppi claim against your loan provider. It is advisable to gather up all of your information, documents, etc and create a formal correspondence as well as send it off to your specific lender. Should you not want to attempt this, and perhaps just make use of a professional company which focuses primarily on this field, you should.

Do not take the chance that you are owed money; begin today and contact and be confident they will do their best in hopes of getting you made whole with your mis sold ppi claims. Note – no upfront fees, only pay if they get you a settlement on your case.

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