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PPI Claim – PPI Reclaims

The most difficult part of taking a loan, doing mortgage or taking a credit is not repaying the money you borrowed; instead it is making your Payment Protection Insurance Claim and receiving back the money that is rightfully yours.
Many people try to get their PPI Claim by directly dealing with the bank or organization that they signed their Credit Agreement with. However, it’s easier said than done. These money lending institutes do not seem to entertain the claims unless and until they come from a legal source.

This is one reason people now prefer hiring services of a legal firm who can handle their PPI claim cases and help them receive their money within a stipulated time period.
These legal firms are adept at handling the PPI claims and ensure that they meet with 100% success rate. The carry out the entire procedure of filing the claim for you and also correspond with the financial institution concerned to get you your money.
If you have taken a loan or acredit from any financial organization in the past ten years then you are eligible to ask for your payment protection insurance claim. In cases where the entire loan amount including interest has already been repaid, the PPI claim can still be made. In fact, there are many people who do not realize this and then repent because the time to make their claim has passed. You can even ask for claims in case of loans where you are still paying up the interest.

The procedure to file for your PPI claim is very simple and your legal firm will handle it all for you. However, there are some formalities that you have to complete including filing out a form with your personal information as well as the nature of the loan taken.
Once this is done the company does your dirty work for you. Any documents that are required for claiming your money is directly asked for from the organization that gave you the loan. So you don’t have to worry if you have lost the original documents or if they are not with you.

The money lending organizations have only 60 days to take action after receiving correspondence from your firm. Most financial institutes prefer paying up the claim amount during this period instead of turning it into a legal hassle for them. Hence, you can expect your claim within 60 days. In cases where the claims are not entertained for various reasons, your legal firm will not charge you a single penny and you will be excused the fee you would otherwise owe them.

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